Travel 2002

We begin our year 2002 travels with the plan to visit The Canyonlands of the USA during May and June. Then we will motor on to The Calgary Stampede in Alberta Province Canada, then on to both the Canadian Rockies and US Glacier National Parks. We will travel on to Gillette Wyoming for a weeklong RV Rally then meander through our northern border states. So follow along with us.

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Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma

Busch Gardens, Florida

Queen Whilimina SP, Ark

TomBigBee, River, MS

Oklahoma, OK

Canyonlands Caravan

Canyonlands Caravan was presented by the Holiday Rambler RV Club as a 26 day tour through the Canyonlands of the US. During this caravan, we traveled 9 times and stayed at 10 different locations, covering 1200 miles. The pictorial essay that follows introduces the people we traveled with and the places we visited, first, the people!

Canyonlanders, 2002

Crosbys, Browns, Insleys, Englerts, Gurneys (Wagonmasters), Browns,  Weitz, Lemens and Jim Gatwood.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

Old Albuquerque


Sandia Peak

Santa Fe Area, New Mexico

Bandelier NP

Los Alamos

Santa Fe





Mesa Verde


North Rim of the Grand Canyon Lake Powell and Glen Canyon

Utah, These Ones You Have Got To Tour

Dead Horse State Park

Island In The Sky

Monument Valley

Utah, These Too!

Natural Bridges

Bryce Canyon

Zion Canyon

Utah, These Two Too!

Arches National Monument

Pot Pourri

That ends our Holiday Rambler Caravan through the Canyonlands, now we are back on our own.

Montana and Idaho



Alberta Province, Canada

Canadian Rockies

Calgary Stampede

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park

Wisconsin and North Dakota


North Dakota

That about wraps it up for now. It's mid August and we are turning the coach south and heading home.

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