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Travel 2007

Well, we finally got the bug to get on the road. We figured 8-10 weeks would do it. We planned on going west, seeing a few places we missed on our last trip, and finally visiting our (Don's) cousins in Cal-E-Forn-E-Ah.

Well, it took 3 weeks. 

We blew through most of the middle of the country and the near west, finally beginning to see things in the far west.

Click the photos below to see the topic. Enjoy, we did!


Our 1st stop was in Alabama where we visited the Tiffin Motorhome Company and took a few photos. No, we didn't buy a new one, but they were really nice. About $350,000 would have gotten us a nice one, but our hearts aren't really into RV travel as they were years ago, so we didn't sign on the bottom line.

Click here for photos.


Next, we drove through Texas on Interstate 40. We visited the city of Amarillo, where we were disappointed. We expected BIG TEXAS but really saw what we believed to be a "trying to come back city". Cadillac Ranch was the big excitement here. 


South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We visited the North Rim in 2002 and this time took the southerly route. Click here for photos.


Glen Canyon and Lake Powell. Part of the Colorado River Water Management System. Click here for photos.


The Barringer Meteorite Crater (also known as "Meteor Crater") is a gigantic hole in the middle of the arid sandstone of the Arizona desert. A rim of smashed and jumbled boulders, some of them the size of small houses, rises 150 feet above the level of the surrounding plain. The crater itself is nearly a mile wide, and 570 feet deep. Click here for photos.


Montezuma Well was formed long ago by the collapse of a limestone cavern, over one million gallons of water a day flows continuously into the Well. It has provided an oasis for wildlife and humans for thousands of years. Click here for photos.


Petrified Forest and Painted Desert National Park is a part of the Little Colorado River Valley National Heritage Area. Click here for photos.


The Wupatki and Wowoki Ruins were impressive. Dating back to the late 1100's and some in use until the 1930's.


Yup, Las Vegas again. While we were there we took in 3 shows. By far the top was Celine Dion at Caesars Palace. I only knew her as a person who sang a song in the Titanic movie, wow was I ever WOWED!


A major destination for us. I have two cousins there and had planned to see both. That didn't work out totally, but I did get to visit my cousin Sue and her hubby Jim as well as their son and his wife. Sue Jim and Marilyn and I had a good gab on Saturday afternoon, dinner out at a Pakitalian restauraunt ( only in Cal-E-Forn-E-Ah) then a great winery crawl on Sunday afternoon. My regret is that I didn't get to meet my cousin Cathy and her family.

Like before... The wheel has turned and it's time for us to go home.

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