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Our Travels, 2009


This year we stayed in Florida all summer and made our trip into a Leaf Peeping cruise. We drove to New Jersy, and visited the Teardrop Memorial at Bayone, just across the harbor from Lower Manhattan. We boarded our cruise in Brooklyn and traveled to Newport, RI, Boston, Ma., Bar Harbor, Me., Saint Johns, Newfoundland and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Leaf Peeping was a dud, but we met a nice couple, Marge and George, friends of cousin Jeanne and had good times with them. Following the cruise we visited with our family in the New York / Connecticut area then headed home to see the best fall color on our ride through the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Click on any photo to see the bigger photos with some narration.

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911 Teardrop Memorial Da boat, 3000 passengers, crew of 1200, 19 storie tall at aft bar. Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor Pioneer Schooner Just before Cruise Departure, Lower Manhatten background Sure isn't Florida Weather! One of our helper tugs Statue of Liberty (left) to the Brooklyn Bridge (right), 7 photo stitch from a pocket camera. Nice digs in Newport, pre Federal Income Tax money meant something. Newport Boston Harbor, Marilyn, Don, Marge and George Our missing travelers, Jeanne and Harry M&D in Boston at the entry to Old North Church. Old North Church in the background Things are warmer in Newport Newport Newport Bar Harbor Bar Harbor Marge and George at the Reversing River at Saint Johns, Newfoundland Falls at Saint Johns, Newfoundland Marilyn freezing at the falls! M & D a the freezing falls, ready to get the bus. Marge and George Marilyn, safely back on da bus! 4 Floridians FREEZING in Saint Johns, Newfoundland Quick 'Pick-Me-Up' at Halifax, Nova Scotia Still freezing, but now in Halifax, Nova Scotia Bad job on a good day! Somebody needs to guard the fort. Central City Garden in Halifax, Nova Scotia Rough seas and a 25 Degree List made for an interesting trip home. Boat is good, beats swimming home for sure! 6:00 AM Saturday October 17, 2009, welcome home to the USA! Sunday October 18, 2009 Marilyn, Aunt Anna, Don, Diane and Aunt Lena Aunt Helen and Marilyn Diane, Aunt Anna, Marilyn, Aunt Helen and Aunt Lena, October 18, 2009 Happy Birthday Anthony, October 2009, Aunt Lena, Aunt Anna, Anthony, Martha, Diane and Marilyn Don, Marilyn, Martha and Anthony October 2009 Anthony, Judy, Marilyn and Don with Haywire at Judy and Anthonys Home in Connecticut