1998 Travels

Summer Travel to the North... the long way!

We started out from Punta Gorda on June 5, 1998 and headed north west toward Alabama for a day. We stayed 3!

The battleship USS Alabama  saw action in WWII . This is really a floating military base, with an on board hospital, movie theatre, post office, jail and most impressive guns. The long range guns fires projectiles 26 miles. The gun turrets were 5 stories high, with power at the bottom level, warheads at intermediate level and finally the turret at the top.
Bellingrath Gardens, was the home of the franchizer of Coca Cola for all of Mobile, Alabama. He and his wife built this beautiful home on the Fowl River and it is now open to the public. A really nice place to stop for a day.

Sky Line Drive and The Smokeys

The Great Smokey  Mountains, wow what a spetacular place. The views are great, almost. We went to the top, at ~6000 feet above sea level, anticipating super views.... instead we got fog which is common in the summer months, that's why they are called The Smokeys. Next time we will try it in Spring.

Marilyn Visits Elvis' Home

Tupolo, Mississippi

Marilyn at the front door to the birthplace of Elvis. This 2 room house was built by Elvis' father in Tupolo, Mississippi. A few years after Elvis's birth, the family lost the home due to the unpaid loan of $400 for the material used to build the house.

Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee

Marilyn at the front door of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. This is the mansion which Elvis named for his mother. Elvis and his wife, child and parents lived here during his career years.

The King and I

This is as close to the King as I could get!

Block Island, RI

Scott, Marilyn and Don in July,1998

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