Travel Log Summer of 1999

We travel in our motorhome and have everything we need in one very little place.

M'nD At Big Mama's, couldn't get anywhere without her.

New York, NY. Dianes Really Big Birthday

Chicago, Il. Our chance to visit with son Scott and to tour the Windy City.

Erie, Pa. Our chance to visit at snowbird Lois's home.

Nashville, Tn. provided us with an opportunity to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame, and guess "whose gold car" was on display, yup... Elvis' of course!  There were a few other attractions, but one of particular interest was the Opryland Hotel. This vast array of buildings, under a glass top covers may acres and sports waterfalls, rivers and botanical delight.

New Orleans, La. While Marilyn went to the Quilt store, Don did some sight seeing, but only had the courage to visit this shop.

The Aquarium of America at New Orleans is a delight. Here one gets a chance to walk through an aquarium. The aquarium is set up so that there is a glass tunnel running through it. As you walk through, big fish, such as sharks, swim by around and overhead. Close enough for this visitor! Here is a sample photo of a Tiger Fish which I took through the glass (you knew that I hope, using macro mode then cropped and reduced from 1280x960 to 313x364).

Also at the aquarium, they had an aviary area where you could walk right up face-to-face with a Macaw, so I did.

The Steamship Natchez caught my fancy so we took a ride up and down the Mississippi on board it . There have been 9 Natchez's over the years, this one being built in 1975.  All of the Natchez replicas were steam powered and used a steam  power piston / bell crank to drive the paddle wheel. The Natchez on the Mississippi.

While cruising along the Mississippi we came abeam the Creole Queen. This steamship replica used steam to power an electrical generator in the engine room. The electrical output from the generator was used to drive the electrical motors on the paddle wheel shaft.

Street scenes abound in New Orleans, here are two you may enjoy.

Biloxi, Ms. .... Here is a place where you can change money into noise and smiling faces. Bells ring all the time inside the casinos just to remind the smiling faced casino owners of  how sweet it is.

Inside of  Treasure Bay Casino

Don at Treasure Bay

That's it for now, got to get to seeing things. Visit the page weekly to see if we sat down long enough to update it.

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